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Pneumatic Systems and Safety

Pneumatic Valves

Improper usage and construction of pneumatic machines could be devastating to workers and the surrounding area. Safety is important when building and operating machines. The International Organization for Standardization (IOS) has set safety principles for pneumatic systems in ISO - 13849-2 (Appendix B). By adhering to the safety principles laid out in ISO - 13849, it is possible to reduce risk in the workplace.

Some basic safety principles for pneumatic systems include:

  1. Always use materials and manufacturing processes that are appropriate for your machine and its overall function. We can help you determine correct sizing, configuration, installation, and more.
  2. Those who operate the system must be well versed with a manufacturer's usage guidelines. We provide detail literature regarding proper use and maintenance.
  3. Pneumatic valves are needed to close systems that are under heavy load pressure.
  4. Contaminations must be prevented from interacting with the compressed air. An active and oversized overlapping slide valve is sufficient to prevent impermissible movements.
  5. Beyond the ISO standards, fault lists can increase safety. A fault list will include fault exclusions and fault assumptions (different component groups).

Our number one priority when creating and installing pneumatic systems is safety. For more information regarding usage, maintenance, repairs, or upgrades, please give us a call to have a detailed conversation about how to safely and efficiently improve pneumatic functions in your workspace.

Pneumatic Controls

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