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Advantages of Total Pneumatic Control

Many different industries utilize total pneumatic control systems because of the multiple benefits that are received. For many, turning systems to complete pneumatic control can have economic and efficiency assistance. Below, we will go over some of the main reasons why a pneumatic control system with total control is more practical than electro-pneumatic actuation. Benefits include:

Pneumatic Valves

  • Reduced overall cost: after reading the other below benefits, it is easy to see why complete control will help businesses save money.
  • Fast response time: electro-pneumatic systems have a slower response time than full pneumatic control systems (especially in compact control systems).
  • Better reliability and longer life: a total control system is simple, and so there is less chance of things going wrong. Pneumatic controls are also not self-destructive.
  • No need for Solenoid Valve(s): a pneumatic system is more compact when compared to its electrical counterpart.
  • Best with short stroke cylinders: clamping cylinders make short strokes, and these are sensed by a pneumatic limit sensor.
  • Uniformed system: Using one power source simplifies operation, design, and maintenance. 
  • Eliminated electrical power sources and the need to protect them: removing electricity will make the workplace safe and will lower overall energy bills.

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For more information about the advantages of total pneumatic control, please let us be your first phone call. We can help with your entire system, including pneumatic valves and pneumatic timers.


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