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Rear Mounted - Set-it, Forget-it Timer (Up to 3 minutes)Item # 51018-01US

The Series 51 timer is an adjustable precise time delay control device. The timer is available with either an on delay- (NC) or off delay- (NO) 3 way built-in valve. It is designed for mounting along with valves or other logic devices and is available with 10-32 (M5) bottom ports, or 1/8" NPT side ports. Bottom ported timers can also be panel mounted using (2) threaded M3 inserts on the top cover.

Timing operation can be set up in 2 ways; either via direct connection of the pressure line to be timed (1/8" NPT ported only) or via a separate pilot signal. When pressure is applied to the input (or pilot port) the timing sequence begins by setting a vacuum within the timer. Using atmospheric pressure (independent of line pressure), the timer begins the preset timing cycle. At the end of the cycle an internal 3 way valve is switched providing an output. The timer resets automatically after removal of the control signal.
Item #51018-01US
DescriptionOff Delay (Normally Open)
Port Type1/8 Side Ported
Timing Range1 to 180 sec.
Operating Pressure Range25 to 145 psi
Connections1/8" NPT ports
MediaFiltered air, non lubricated.
Operating Valve3 way - internal exhaust
Orifice size - 2 mm
Cv -0.13
Flow at 100 psi - 7 CFM
Timing StartApplication of pilot (or Line) pressure to control port
ResetBy removal of pilot (or Line) signal - independent of whether the time interval has elapsed or not.
Reset Time200 ms.
Repeatability± 2% of selected time
Time SettingVia Adjustment Knob
OperationTiming cycle uses atmospheric pressure drawn into vacuum.
Air ConsumptionDuring timing cycle only - 0.01 CFM
MaterialsPolyamide Housing
Aluminum Base
Buna N Seals
Operating Ambient-10 to 60 C
14 to 140 F
Height3 5/8 in.
Width1 1/2 in.
Length2 3/4 in.
Weight12 oz.
MountingVia 4 holes in base
1/8 Side Ported Timers
Side ported timers are supplied with a 10/32 and 1/8 port plug to set up preferred connections.

For a separate (isolated) pilot signal, insert a 10-32 plug into the internal port (inside port 12 or 10). Use loctite or equal to seal the port. Then connect a separate pilot input signal at port 12 (10). Discard the 1/8 plug.

For using the same source as the supply for the output valve and pilot signal, plug port 12 (10) using the 1/8 plug and connect the switched air supply to port 1. Discard the 10-32 plug.

10-32 (M5) Bottom Ported Timers
Timer is supplied only with separate (isolated) control input signal port. Connections are located on the underside of the timer base.

The bottom ported timer can be panel mounted using (2) M3 threaded inserts on the top cover.

Power Connections For installations requiring larger output valves, use the standard timer and connect a pneumatically operated single air piloted 3 or 4 way valve of the size required to the timer output. Contact factory with size requirements.

Typical Circuits
See typical timing circuit diagrams at the end of the timer catalog section for help in constructing pneumatic timer circuits.
  • Separate Pilot Signal
    Separate Pilot Signal
  • Supply and Pilot Same Source
    Supply and Pilot Same Source

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