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Valve Directional-Control

When it comes to pneumatic valves, there is a lot to know and understand, and so it can become overwhelming. An extraordinarily complex area for pneumatic valves is directional-controls. Directional-controls are a vital part of valves. These controls can direct or block airflow. Additionally, they monitor the speed or sequence of operations.pneumatic valves

There are four types of valve directional-controls. Below are their features:

Two-way, two-position valves - These valves feature two ports, which are connected through a passage. The ports are opened or blocked to control flow through the valve. One attractive feature of this valve is the easy on-off function.
Three-way, two-position valves - These pneumatic valve directional-controls have three ports. The ports are connected through passages, which are located in a valve body. These type of valves work with pressurized air in a cylinder.
Four-way, two-position valves - These types of valves can have either four or five ports and provide two or three positions. The two-position version has two distinct flow paths. The five-port variety of this valve has five individual ports. Each port provides various valve configurations.
Four-way, three-position - While these valves commonly feature four ports, they are also available in a five-port option. These valves typically come with all ports blocked and exhaust center.

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