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Tips for Selecting Directional Pneumatic Valve Controls

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Selecting the correct directional pneumatic valves for your application can be difficult. There are many options for valves on the market, and that can give someone choice overload. That valve that is used will directly affect system’s pressure, directional flow, and the rate of flow. When designing pneumatic power circuitry, you must address a few specifics before acquiring valves.

What is the function of the valve? A directional valve’s purpose is to control the direction of fluid within a pneumatic system. The direct action needed by the application will determine the necessary valve.

What actuator style will be best? A variety of methods are available because of the different application requirement users demand. The four standard forms include:

  1. Manual
  2. Ball and Pin
  3. Solenoid Operators
  4. Air Pilot Operators

What is the amount of output flow from the valve’s port? Knowing the flow rate of the application allows for us to pick control valves correctly.

What is the operating pressure (psi)? The force has a direct effect on flow rate. We can help you avoid adverse effects.

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