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The Basics of Pneumatic Valves

Purchasing pneumatic valves can seem like a daunting task for business owners. There are so many options to choose. There are a lot of phrases and terminology to know. If you are not familiar with the basics of pneumatic valves, it could make choosing the right valve for your application difficult.

When shopping for pneumatic valves, you will notice that there is more to the tool than just the valve. Pneumatic valves come with different accessories, parts, and kits. Many of these accessories are useful because they can significantly decrease installation time. Additionally, they can reduce the costs of the valves. Some examples of accessories for pneumatic valves are electronic proportional regulators and a programmable air regulator valve.

pneumatic valves

Another thing to understand before purchasing pneumatic valves is the different variations of ball valves. There are three standard ball valves to choose. They are 20,000 PSI Ball Valve - Subsea Series; Ball Valves Stainless Steel Series; and Cryogenic Ball Valves.

Most pneumatic valves come with directional control valves. Control valves are designed to work in several different applications including aerospace, mining, and military. Directional control valves are cost effective, reliable, and offer high performance.

One more basic of pneumatic valves is a pneumatic solenoid valve. These items assist with installation. Some examples of solenoid valves are modular valve stacking systems and a programmable air regulator valve.

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