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Standard Solenoid Coils

Standard coils fit all general purpose solenoid valves, except ISO valves with CNOMO air pilots. Coils are encapsulated to keep out water, oil and other contaminants providing splash proof protection when used with sockets below. The 3-prong plug includes a ground connection for the coil frame. Terminals can also be connected using crimp-on wire terminals with a 1/4" spade dimension. Coil power consumption: AC (60Hz) is 3.5VA, DC is 2.5 W.
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Item #VoltageSpade DimensionPower Consumption
76410-02-1224 VAC1/4 in.AC (60Hz) is 3.5VA
76410-02-1348 VAC1/4 in.AC (60Hz) is 3.5VA
76410-02-14110 VAC1/4 in.AC (60Hz) is 3.5VA
76410-02-15230 VAC1/4 in.AC (60Hz) is 3.5VA
76410-00-0112 VDC1/4 in.DC 2.5 W
76410-00-0224 VDC1/4 in.DC 2.5 W
76410-00-0348 VDC1/4 in.DC 2.5 W
76410-00-04110 VDC1/4 in.DC 2.5 W
76410-00-05230 VDC1/4 in.DC 2.5 W
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