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Air Pilot Valve Sub base / Manifold

Valves can be mounted on sub base for remote piloting of pneumatically operated valves or used as stand alone 3 way valves. Air pilot section is fastened to sub base with 2 included screws. Base can be mounted on a surface using (2) 5/32" through body holes. Dimensions are 1 5/8" L x 1 1/8" W. With valve mounted, the height is 2 7/8".
Modular manifolds can be constructed using this base design to centralize valves with a common input air supply.
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Item #Item NameDescriptionLengthWidthHeight
76420-03-01Sub BaseSub base with 1/8 metric port1 5/8 in.1 1/8 in.2 7/8 in.
76420-03-02Modular Manifold SystemSub base with push-in fitting for 5/32 tubing1 5/8 in.1 1/8 in.2 7/8 in.
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