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Solenoid Operated Flip Flop Valve

The Monostable Flip-Flop valve provides a 4 way switched output from an electrical pulse signal of at least 300 ms in length. When the solenoid is energized, the valve output position changes. The valve maintains position until the next electrical pulse signal is applied. Minimum operating pressure 35 PSI.

Operating pressure range 35 to 145 PSI. Actuation force (pilot pressure): 35 PSI minimum.
Pilot port size is 1/8. Mounting via 4 through body holes 3/16" Dia.
Oscillator valve will not operate if applied on vented applications such as an air gun. Working ports must have a connected defined volume.
For valve specifications see appendix. For detail dimensions contact factory.
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Item #Port TypeOrificeBody No.LengthWidthHeight
75083-89-001/4 NPT Port0.315 in.
8 mm
5S6 1/2 in.2 in.2 3/8 in.
76083-89-001/4 Metric Port0.315 in.
8 mm
5S6 1/2 in.2 in.2 3/8 in.