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Panel or Surface Mounted Pneumatic Timer (Up to 60 Minutes)

The PT timer is an adjustable precise time delay pneumatic device. The timer is available with an on delay (NC), or an off delay (NO) output. The timer has 1/8 inch NPT ports.

The PT series timer combines a pneumatic timing mechanism with a floating spool valve assembly to provide a wide range of adjustable time control for fluid power systems. The timing assembly, which operates independently of the control pressure, is available in nine different ranges from one tenth of a second to 60 minutes, adjustable by means of a time-calibrated dial. Timing action is initiated by a motor diaphragm operated by a control pressure of from 5 to 140 PSIG.

The timer is equipped with a multi purpose 3 way output valve allowing it to be used as normally open, normally closed or as a diverter.

The PT is designed for panel or surface mounting. Panel mounted versions include a 3 13/16 inch square bezel while surface mounted units are equipped with a bracket for vertical mounting. If required, The PT can be specially calibrated for mounting horizontally.
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Item #DiagramsPositionMount TypeTiming Range
PT45FOff DelayVertical PositionPanel Mounted1 to 10 min.
PT45HOff DelayVertical PositionPanel Mounted3 to 30 min.
PT45IOff DelayVertical PositionPanel Mounted6 to 60 min.
PT45AY1Off DelayHorizontal PositionPanel Mounted0.1 to 1 sec.
PT45BY1Off DelayHorizontal PositionPanel Mounted0.5 to 5 sec.
PT45CY1Off DelayHorizontal PositionPanel Mounted1.5 to 15 sec.
PT45DY1Off DelayHorizontal PositionPanel Mounted5 to 50 sec.
PT45EY1Off DelayHorizontal PositionPanel Mounted20 to 200 sec.
PT45KY1Off DelayHorizontal PositionPanel Mounted1 to 300 sec.
PT45FY1Off DelayHorizontal PositionPanel Mounted1 to 10 min.
PT45HY1Off DelayHorizontal PositionPanel Mounted3 to 30 min.
PT45IY1Off DelayHorizontal PositionPanel Mounted6 to 60 min.
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