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Panel Mounted Pneumatic Counter

The pneumatic counter can be used as an event, part or lot counter. The counter registers pneumatic impulses on a 6 digit display. Totalizer operates with impulse pressure between 30 and 115 psi. The counter can be reset either manually via a reset button, or by a pneumatic signal to a specially provided port.
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Item #Operating Pressure RangeConnectionsDisplayResetMediaControl ConnectionsDuty CycleOperating AmbientWeightMaterialsFace Plate WidthFace Plate HeightBehind Panel DepthBehind Panel HeightBehind Panel WidthPanel Cut Out
5067030 to 115 psi10-32 (M5) portsBlack with white digits (6 numbers)Manual button on cover or pneumatic signal of 180 ms duration.Filtered AirPort Z - Counter pulse input
Port Y - Reset
Min. pulse duration 8 ms
Min. pause 10 ms
0 to +60 C
32 to 140 F
2.5 oz.Molded Body2 in.2 in.2 1/2 in.1 in.2 in.2 in. W x 11/16 in. H
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