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Pneumatic Control Systems and HVAC

Pneumatic Control SystemsPneumatics is a branch of engineering that utilizes pressurized air or gas. Pneumatic systems are efficient and profitable. A pneumatic control system will employ compressed air as a means to control certain types of HVAC systems. The air in the system is transported to control devices through plastic and copper tubes that originate from a controller. In the system, compressed air is used as a way for the machine to communicate with itself. HVAC systems that have pneumatic controls can be connected to pneumatic valves.

Pneumatic systems are employed in HVAC systems for two main reasons:

  1. Actuators: pneumatic actuators are air powered motors that control dampers and valves. Actuators are reliable, affordable, and durable. Very little maintenance is needed except for visual inspections and minor mechanical linkage adjustments.
  2. Modular control components: thermostats, pneumatic relays, and receiver controls are considered the brain of distribution for the HVAC system. Almost any control strategy can be used (custom designed pneumatic controls). Pneumatics provides users with reliable control of performance while maintaining its setpoint accurately.

Pneumatic Controls

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