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Non-Traditional Flow Control Valves

Engineers have several choices between flow control valves: each type has distinctive characteristics and purposes. The main factor for determining the type of control valve is related to the necessities of the rate of flow:Pneumatic Valves

  • Accelerated
  • Altered
  • Decreased
  • Regulated

A traditional control valve is often used to guide pressure, flow, temperature, and liquid levels by either partially or fully closing or opening. The traditional variant of these valves is considered the most basic type, which means that a control valve is limited to three performance options:

  1. Fully Closed
  2. Fully Open
  3. Entirely Switched (to a new flow path)

Besides a simplistic design, a traditional control valve also offers basic capabilities. Traditional control valves can change direction, pressure, and flow operations. These valves are used to only start, stop, and change the direction of flow of an energy medium.

Non-Traditional Control Valves Include:

Ball Valve- this type of pneumatic valve stands out because it is perforated and has a pivoting ball that is the primary airflow control. A ball valve opens when holes of the ball line up with the flow. It closes after the ball has pivoted 90 degrees because of the valve handle.

Globe Valve- a globe valve is designed to regulate flow within pipelines. This type of valve contains a stationary ring seat and a disk-type element that is often referred to as the plug.

Needle Valve- this type of valve is considered a variable control type, and it is not pressure compensated. This type of valve creates a pressure differential between the down and upstream. It is feasible to change the flow rate by varying the needle's amount in the flow path.

If you are uncertain of the type of valve that would best suit your needs, you should not hesitate to give our talented team a call. We will collaborate directly with you to ensure that all designs demands are met and that you get the right parts.

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