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Adjustable High Sensitivity Pressure Switch

The high sensitivity pressure switch is used to detect pressures or vacuum between 0.04 and 0.4 psi. It can be used in detection systems operated by changes in air pressure. The switch is diaphragm operated, with an integral, adjustable electrical contact rated at 1 Amp 220V AC.
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Item #Operating Pressure RangeMax. Overload PressureContact RatingHeightWidthDepthWeightMountingOperating Ambient
600060.04 to 0.4 psi or vacuum.1.4 psi1 Amp and 220V AC2 5/16 in.2 1/4 in.13/16 in.3 oz.2 mounting holes in base-15 to 70 C
-5 to 160 F
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