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Directional Control Valves (4 Way), Pneumatic Actuation, ISO

Valves are constructed to the European ISO standard, fit on ISO manifolds or sub-plates and are interchangeable amongst manufacturers. Standard pneumatically operated valves are listed.

Single air piloted ISO 1 and ISO 2 valves are available with manual resets (ISO pump valves). A pneumatic "not/not" valve is also available.
Contact factory for Details.
For technical details of ISO valves contact factory. See accessory section for manifolds and sub bases.
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Item #DescriptionSizeDesign
76087-71-41Single Air Pilot Spring ReturnISO-1Poppet Design
76097-71-41Single Air Pilot Spring ReturnISO-2Poppet Design
76087-71-42Double Air Pilot With DetentISO-1Poppet Design
76097-71-42Double Air Pilot With DetentISO-2Poppet Design
76087-71-47Double Air Pilot with PriorityISO-1Poppet Design
76097-71-47Double Air Pilot with PriorityISO-2Poppet Design
76083-71-41Single Air Pilot Spring ReturnISO-1Spool Design
76093-71-41Single Air Pilot Spring ReturnISO-2Spool Design
76083-71-42Double Air Pilot With DetentISO-1Spool Design
76093-71-42Double Air Pilot With DetentISO-2Spool Design
76083-71-47Double Air Pilot with PriorityISO-1Spool Design
76093-71-47Double Air Pilot with PriorityISO-2Spool Design
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