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NAMUR Valves

NAMUR 1/4 ported valves are designed to a European specification that standardizes the mounting holes amongst manufacturers. Valves are in line mounted and are available in several configurations.

For technical details of valves, contact factory. See accessory section for manifolds and sub bases.
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Item #DescriptionDesign
76077-81-42Pneumatically Operated, Double Air PilotPoppet Design
76077-91-00Single Solenoid, Spring ReturnPoppet Design
76077-92-00Double Solenoid, Spring ReturnPoppet Design
76073-91-00Single Solenoid, Spring ReturnSpool Design
76073-92-00Double Solenoid, Spring ReturnSpool Design
76074-02-00Double Solenoid, 3 Position, all Ports Open in Center Pos.Spool Design
76074-12-00Double Solenoid, 3 Position, all Ports Closed in Center Pos.Spool Design