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When You Think ‘Air Power’ Don’t Think ‘Military Jets’ – Think Pneumatic Timers and Other Air-Powered Marvels

By Phil Anderson
September, 12th 2012

It’s only natural for folks to think of air power as a mighty F-16 fighter jet or remote control drone, but there are a lot of people who automatically associate the term with pneumatic timers (air-operated timers), pneumatic controls and a wide variety of tools and machinery that rely on ambient air as an energy transfer medium. And when you need pneumatic timers from leading manufacturers, pneumatic timers that offer lifetime durability and peak performance; always think of OUR pneumatic timers first. Military jets truly are awesome machines, but they won’t do you much good when it comes to controlling a mega-corporation’s non-stop assembly lines; pneumatic timers, however, will do the job just fine. High flying Air Force drones offer complex technologies, but pneumatic timers offer simplicity of design that provides for dependable and cost-effective service for years to come. Have we described the type of pneumatic timers your mega-corporation or smaller-sized factory requires? Does your assembly line or other machineries rely on dozens of pneumatic timers or far less than that? Perhaps your mega-corporation needs ‘thousands’ of pneumatic timers, and that’s just fine with us.

Large or Small Orders for Pneumatic Timers Are Always Welcome Here – And Our Pneumatic Timers Cost a ‘Whole’ Lot Less than an F-16

Sure, those military jets have lots of firepower, but our pneumatic timers offer all the ‘air power’ you’ll ever need. And when you get right down to it, pneumatic timers don’t require much air at all. A little ambient air (not polluting hydraulic fluid) goes a long way when it comes to the operation of pneumatic timers. Used in a nearly countless number of ways in an equal number of installations, pneumatic timers perform their individual functions in small but necessary ways to keep factories around the globe producing at peak capacity. Sometimes a small thing can be a big part of any industrial process, and pneumatic timers offer no exception. Military jets inspire lots of conversations while pneumatic timers probably won’t be discussed over dinner – but try running your 21st century industrial facility or other equipment without them. Pneumatic timers will never be a household term, but, down on the factory floor, you can bet the technicians talk about pneumatic timers all the time.

When You Think Pneumatic Timers, Please Think about ‘Our’ Industry-Leading pneumatic controls – Lots of Air Power Available Here

Think of us as an air force that never leaves the ground, though, we do ship pneumatic timers by air when they’re needed overnight. But you get our point. Our air force has its strength concentrated in top quality and low priced pneumatic timers and much more, which is why we’ve clearly won the pneumatic timers war. Nobody sells pneumatic timers and other air-powered products the way we do. And when you want pneumatic timers that come complete with super-great (real live person) customer service at no extra charge, we’re the pneumatics store you need to know. Call us anytime!