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Pneumatic Components Use Clean and Green Energy

In order to produce mechanical motion, some form of energy is required. To harness an energy form into a useful function requires an energy transfer medium. One of the cleanest energy transfer mediums is compressed air, which is what powers the pneumatic components of a countless variety of tools or manufacturing devices. We’ve all seen the mechanical motion associated with   earthmoving equipment, however, that mechanical motion is produced through the use of hydraulics, which utilizes fluid (toxic oil) as an energy transfer medium.

Unlike pneumatic components to machineries such as pneumatic indicators or counters, if a hydraulic line should spring a leak, poisonous substances will be introduced into the environment. Compressed air, on the other hand, will injure no one if a pressurized supply line should rupture—as an added benefit, air is free.

Pneumatic components to countless machines have been favored by manufacturers for decades, and devices such as pneumatic counters and pneumatic indicators have offered safe, reliable and cost-efficient manufacturing process controls for a broad spectrum of industries. The clean-air technology behind pneumatics make it the ideal choice for any company that wishes to protect its employees and the planet at the same time.

Pneumatic Components are All Around us

Most people have spent some time in an auto repair shop at some point in their life, and whether we realize it or not, the ubiquitous sound of a pneumatic powered wrench can nearly always be heard such places. Pneumatic components allow the mechanic to remove the lug nuts on your car’s tire rims in a few seconds instead of 10 minutes doing it by hand, and at $60 an hour, time is money. The air compressor that powers your mechanic’s pneumatic tools is a highly efficient device that uses pneumatic indicators to monitor its safe and efficient production of clean and green energy.

If you’ve been on a construction site lately, you probably noticed that carpenters no longer use a hammer to drive a nail. Why would they when a pneumatic powered nail gun can do the job in a tiny fraction of the time required to drive nails by hand? At $30 an hour, once again, pneumatic components are saving us money. Imagine how long it would take to tear up an old sidewalk without the aid of those noisy but powerful pneumatic jackhammers that are everywhere. Whether it’s an air-powered wrench, nail gun, jackhammer or a tooth polisher used by your dentist, pneumatic components make life a little easier for all of us.

Clean, Green, and Economical, Too
Pneumatic indicators, pneumatic controls, and pneumatic powered machines rely on one of the cleanest technologies of all, and because air costs nothing—great economy is enjoyed as well. Pneumatic applications have been with us for a long time, and because of the win-win nature of pneumatic components, you can bet these clean and green devices will be around for many more years to come.