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When it comes to Pneumatic Controls, Air Timers, the Most Advanced Pneumatic Controls System and More – You ‘Forgot’ More than Most People ‘Know’ about Air-Powered Equipment

By Phil Anderson
October, 12th 2013

You don’t like to brag, in fact you’re known as the ‘quiet and retiring type’ of individual who keeps a low profile. Fine, but your new job as Quality Control Manager for a company that makes pneumatic controls and a host of other air-powered products, means it’s your responsibility to point out any and all errors in the manufacture of the company’s pride and joy – its very own pneumatic controls system. It’s also up to you to find any potential deficiencies in the company’s pneumatic indicators, air timers and everything that comes off the factory floor. Anyway, you ‘really’ know pneumatics, and if something isn’t up to par on the company’s product list – if the company’s pneumatic controls, proprietary pneumatic controls system, pneumatic indicators, air timers or anything else is NOT meeting customer specs, it’s up to you to see that somebody’s head ‘rolls’. You can’t help but be a little nervous because of your last quality control job. It seems the company’s pneumatic controls had a major problem that would lead to failure 2-3 years down the road. ‘Hey, that’s an eternity from now’, said your boss in an angry tone, ‘and we only offer a one-year warranty – you’re fired’!

Does Your New Boss ‘Really’ Want Top Quality and ‘Durable’ Pneumatic Controls, Pneumatic Indicators, Air Timers or its Patented Pneumatic Controls System?

Should you do what the new company pays you for or just fake it? You’re not getting any younger, and it’s baby-faced ‘upstarts’ who seem to get all the best jobs in today’s business world. On the other hand, what does a pimply-faced ‘kid’ know about pneumatic controls? There’s no substitute for years of experience when it comes to inspecting pneumatic indicators or air timers or a sophisticated pneumatic controls system ‘you’re’ still trying to understand. On the other hand, the new company might be like the old company – when it comes to pneumatic controls ‘quality control’, less effort on the job is more. If the company’s pneumatic indicators or air timers or that advanced pneumatic controls system all have minor or serious flaws, maybe nobody wants to actually ‘hear’ about them.

Pneumatic Controls ‘Quality Control’ – that ‘is’ Your Job – a Premium Quality Pneumatic Controls System, Pneumatic Indicators, and the Best Air Timers Are All on ‘You’

What to do, what to do? First on the list is to check those pneumatic controls (top to bottom) to find any deficiencies. If you’re lucky, there may not ‘be’ any problems for you to (gulp) report to the boss. Perhaps every pneumatic controls system that comes off the line is ‘flawless’, and the same could hold true for pneumatic indicators air timers and the entire company line. Then you might get fired because they don’t need you – they already have pneumatic controls quality control ‘under’ control, and you can kiss your new job goodbye. Hey, whoever said life was ‘fair’?