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Your Boss Wants to Sell More pneumatic controls, the Company’s Patented Pneumatic Controls System, Pneumatic Indicators and Air Timers – You Suggested (DUH) a ‘Website’

By Phil Anderson
August, 12th 2013

Your boss runs a company that produces top quality and made in the USA pneumatic controls, a ‘one of a kind’ pneumatic controls system, pneumatic indicators, air timers and more, but he’s just not satisfied with declining sales and it’s up to you to fix it. Yes, you’re in charge of pneumatic controls promotions, and it’s up to you to boost sales of the company’s proprietary pneumatic controls system, made in America pneumatic indicators and (American jobs are at stake!) air timers. The ‘question’ is: How do we let everybody know what the company sells and how they can buy it? The ‘problem’ is your boss is stuck in the early 20th century, and he thinks the (badly) ‘Yellowed Pages’, word of mouth, and print ads that cost a king’s ransom are the best way to promote the company’s great quality pneumatic controls, its pneumatic controls system, air timers, pneumatic indicators and other air-powered products that are proudly made here on U.S. soil.

As the Head of Sales, You (Nervously) Suggested a pneumatic controls ‘Website’, as Well as a Pneumatic Controls System, Pneumatic Timers, and air operated timers Website

Of course, the pneumatic controls, pneumatic controls system, and all the rest would be combined on the same website, but you knew your 85-year-old boss would be skeptical. He’s a little (very) hard of hearing, so your boss screams ‘maybe we need a bigger ad in them Yellow Pages’! That’s what you’re up against; a boss who can’t wrap his badly shriveled head around this thing known as the Worldwide Web when it comes to telling the whole world about his company’s pneumatic controls, pneumatic controls system, pneumatic indicators, air timers, and all the fine products controlled by this little old man with a nuclear powered hearing aid. So you scream ‘pneumatic controls website’, and all you get is a ‘what’s that’ look. You holler ‘air timers, pneumatic controls system, and pneumatic indicators website that folks around the world can have a look at’! You’re nothing less than ‘flabbergasted’ when the old man screams ‘pneumatic controls website!? How in the world do you figure we’re ever gonna get on Google’s Page One’!?

The Old Man Knows about the Possibility of a pneumatic controls Presence Online!? The ‘Old Coot’ Knows it’s Tough to Get His Pneumatic Controls System, pneumatic valves, and Air Timers to Rank High in the Search Engines!?

Well, someone could have ‘knocked you over with a feather’ when the boss told you he ‘Tweets’, but, somehow, he never managed to hear a word about Search Engine Optimization. Wow! You screamed at the boss how you load up the website with copy that’s chock full of the words: pneumatic valves; pneumatic controls system’; pneumatic indicators; air timers, and the pneumatic controls he’s so proud of. In no time at all, the company website would be a search engine favorite. Then all you heard was snoring because it was the old man’s ‘nap time’!