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People Need Top Quality and Priced-Right pneumatic controls, Pneumatic Control Systems, Pneumatic Indicators, Air Timers and More – That Is Why You ‘Blew the Whistle’

By Phil Anderson
July, 12th 2013

Jobs are hard to come by these days, and you were overjoyed when you found employment (with benefits) at a company that sold low quality pneumatic controls, pneumatic control systems, and other air-powered products for a highly inflated price. Sure, the job paid well enough, but your conscience had been bothering you because you knew the company was flat ‘ripping people off’ by selling them cheap, Asian import pneumatic controls and pneumatic control systems for a ridiculously high price. You felt as though you had to do something to protect the public from the very company that paid your rent. Anyway, you opened a blog that told the world all about the low quality pneumatic controls your boss was selling for sky high prices, as well as the ‘designed to fail’ pneumatic control systems that he sold for an equally high price. Your blog was anonymous, of course, but you used all the right keywords (pneumatic controls, pneumatic control systems, etc.) to attract as many potential buyers to warn them to stay away from the company you worked for. What could go wrong? You were a high-minded ‘whistleblower’ who always posted from an Internet café so they couldn’t trace your IP address.

Selling Low Quality pneumatic controls at Astronomical Prices? Passing on Shoddy Pneumatic Control Systems for a King’s Ransom?

Somebody had to warn the unsuspecting public about the unscrupulous business practices of the company you worked for, so it might as well be you. Why should anyone pay a small fortune for pneumatic valves or pneumatic control systems when the quality and price were just plain wrong? It didn’t take long before the company learned that they were being called out online about their cheaply made pneumatic controls and pneumatic control systems, and they were hopping mad. You just played dumb and kept collecting your paycheck, but you made a new blog entry down at that Internet café everyday just because it was the right thing to do. Anyway, what could go wrong?

It Was Your Duty to ‘Blow the Whistle’ on a Company that Sold Subpar pneumatic controls and Pneumatic Control Systems and a Whole Lot More

Were you a hero or traitor? The answer to that question depends on how you look at things in general. How would you feel if you had paid a ridiculously high price for Air Timers or pneumatic control systems only to see them fail in a short period of time with no explanation or customer satisfaction guarantee from the seller? You probably wouldn’t be too happy, so you thought you were doing a ‘good thing’, but it didn’t take long for a private detective to track down the IP address of that Internet café and spot you typing away day after day until they fired you. No problem, come work for us because we sell the very best Pneumatic Indicators and pneumatic control systems for a fair and honest price. Apply for a job here any day!