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How Did a Half-Million Dollar Order of Pneumatic Controls, a High-Tech Pneumatic Controls System, Pneumatic Indicators, and Air Timers Turn Into a $5 Million Lawsuit?

By Phil Anderson
May, 12th 2013

It’s kind of a long story, but here goes. It’s your job as factory floor manager to order the company’s pneumatic controls, a whole bunch of other air-powered components, including the most advanced (yeah, right) pneumatic controls system. Your company needs all the pneumatic controls and the pneumatic controls system to produce the top quality products it sells to a wide variety of customers. Okay, so far so good. So, anyway, you use a ‘new supplier’ for the half-million dollar order of pneumatic controls, and the world’s greatest (uh huh) pneumatic controls system, all of which is used by your company in countless ways to satisfy its many customers. So far so good, but here’s where it all goes wrong. It seems the pneumatic controls system that you purchased from this ‘new supplier’ and an unheard of manufacturer (at a great low price), wasn’t worth the powder to blow it up. That pneumatic controls system had been installed in your factory, and it didn’t ‘control’ much of anything. Worse, over half of the pneumatic controls that you installed in products shipped, pneumatic controls from your ‘new supplier’ and also made by a company you had never heard of, anyway, these pneumatic timers were wholly defective in every way.

Now Your Company’s Customers Are Suing for Lost Production Time, Legal Fees, and Numerous Other Costs Because Your Company’s Pneumatic Controls Failed on Your Customer’s Non-Stop Production Lines – Kaching!

First of all, your super-duper pneumatic controls system failed to do its job, and that had been a big part of the problem. Now, all these companies are suing your company because numerous, ‘Brand X’ pneumatic controls failed to perform as advertised, and your customers lost a ton of money that they want from ‘you’ (well, the company that employs you [for now]) because this ‘new supplier’ and ‘Brand X’ manufacturer had a whole lot of fine print in their contract that holds them ‘harmless’, though, your company’s ‘ounce of gold’ per hour lawyers (for some reason these lawyers don’t accept cash or checks anymore), anyway, these lawyers say you can defeat all that fine print in court. In a few years, this whole pneumatic controls and pneumatic controls system ‘debacle’ will all be straightened out.

You Should Have Bought Your Pneumatic Values and Your Pneumatic Controls System from Us – We Don’t Sell ‘Brand X’ Pneumatic Controls and Every Pneumatic Controls System We Sell is ‘Second to None’

Wow, a few ‘years’ to settle this lawsuit (you better win and recoup all those golden legal fees). All this could have been avoided if you had purchased those pneumatic controls and pneumatic controls system from us, because we sell only famous maker air-power products that are backed 100% by the manufacturer and us. If anything isn’t right about your pneumatic controls or a pneumatic valves system, we’ll ‘make it right’ guaranteed – no fine print. Call us anytime!