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Air Timers, pneumatic controls, Pneumatic Indicators, Pneumatic Timers and Much More Sold the ‘Old Fashioned’ Way

By Phil Anderson
March, 12th 2013

We don’t want to give anybody the wrong idea (above) that we’re ‘behind the times’ when it comes to top quality pneumatic controls, pneumatic indicators, air timers and much more. When we say the ‘old fashioned way’, we’re talking about the good old days when companies used to believe in good (old fashioned) ‘customer service’. Where can you find a seller of pneumatic controls (these days) that believes the customer is always right? Why would you work with a seller of pneumatic controls when that seller never seems to have the air timers or pneumatic indicators or pneumatic controls or whatever you need? Why work with a supplier of pneumatic indicators, pneumatic controls and all the rest, but that seller absolutely refuses to answer their phone? You’d think they could at least show a potential customer the courtesy of having ‘operators standing by’. This is all part of ‘customer service’, a phrase that ‘slipped the mind’ of the business world at some point in time but not ‘here’. Sure, it’s the 21st century, and everybody claims to be the most advanced supplier of pneumatic indicators, air timers, pneumatic controls, etc. You can ‘Tweet’ them of ‘follow them’ and all that. What!?

Who Wants to ‘Follow’ a Seller of pneumatic controls, Pneumatic Indicators, Air Timers and Other Air-Powered Products? At Our Company, We Would Rather ‘Lead’ the Industry in Famous Brand Pneumatic Controls, Air Timers, Pneumatic Indicators and More

It may be the 21st century and social media is ‘all the rage’, but, when you need pneumatic controls NOW or air timers YESTERDAY or pneumatic indicators on your loading dock IMMEDIATELY, you probably have little interest in Facebook. Like we said at the very beginning, we may offer old fashioned customer service, but we’re also 21st century advanced but in a good way. No need to ‘Tweet’ us because we’re busy keeping up with inventory control so we’ll have you pneumatic controls, pneumatic indicators, air timers or whatever you need. Inventory control is another term a lot of company’s put on the back burner. Unfortunately, it’s YOU who get burned because your supplier is, once again, ‘fresh out’ of the pneumatic indicators, pneumatic controls, air timers and everything else you need. What else is new?

You Want You Pneumatic Controls Complete with Customer Service – You Want Your Air Timers and Pneumatic Indicators with ‘Customer Service’ – You Want Great ‘Customer Service’ with ‘Everything’ You Buy

We lead the industry in the sale of pneumatic controls, air timers, pneumatic indicators and ‘all things air-powered’. We keep our warehouse fully stocked at all times and we will have the pneumatic indicators you need when you need them. We will have the air timers and pneumatic indicators on your loading dock ‘overnight’ if you like, and we will always offer you award-winning customer service. Oh yes, we almost forgot – our prices are also the lowest you’ll find anywhere. Call us anytime!