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Adjustable Pressure Switch (Normal and Low Pressure types)Item # 60073-40-99-60

The Series 60 adjustable pressure switch is designed for use in detecting pressure in pneumatic systems, and provides an electrical contact output to control or indication devices.

The P/E switch pull in pressure can be adjusted throughout its operating pressure range. The dropout point is ± 3% below the set point pressure.

An electrical micro-switch with a form C (make/break) contact is actuated by a separate diaphragm operated system. Contacts are rated 10A at 230V AC. 1/4" push on connectors or an electrical plug (cat. no. 67499) can be used to complete electrical connections.

Other versions of the adjustable P/E switch are available for specific applications.
Item #60073-40-99-60
Item NameLow Pressure Version
Operating Pressure Range7.5 to 60 psi
Connections10-32 (M5) bottom ported
MediaFiltered Air
Pull in PressureAdjustable full range
Drop Out Pressure3 % of pick-up pressure
Contact Output1 form C contact
Terminal Marking1 - Common
2 - N/C contact
3 - N/O contact
Contact Rating6 Amps
Electrical Connectors1/4" push on or Cat. No. 67499 plug
SettingVia adjustment screw
Operating Ambient0 to 60 C
32 to 140 F
MaterialsMolded Body
Aluminum Base
Viton Diaphragms
Length2 3/4 in.
Width1 1/4 in.
Height2 1/2 in.
MountingVia 4 holes in base

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