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Miniature Metric Brass Fittings 52 SeriesItem # 52180

Instant Push-In Fittings for 4mm (5/32") O.D. Tubing
Instant push-in fittings provide a fast means of connecting pneumatic systems. Air connections are made by pushing tubing into fitting. Removal of tubing is done by pressing in on the brass collar, releasing tube. Series 52 fittings are designed for 5/32 inch (4mm) tubing and are constructed with a brass base and an anodized aluminum collar. Series 56 push-in fittings are constructed the same except have molded collars, and accept 1/8 inch (6mm) tubing.
Item #52180
Item NameElbow
DescriptionG 1/8
Tubing O.D.5/32 in.
4 mm
PortsG 1/8
Operating Pressure Range0 to 175 psi or vacuum.
Anodized Aluminum Sleeve
Port WashersNylon
Buna N
TubingFittings accept most non-rigid nylon or plastic (polyamide) tubes. See specific fittings for wall thickness limitations.
All dimensions in millimeters.
Push-in fittings accept 5/32" tubing with a wall thickness of up to 3/64"
Male metric threads do not fit 10-32 NPT ports without damaging threads. Female M5 ports accept either M5 or 10-32 NPT male fittings.
Fittings with G1/8 male threads fit both Metric and NPT ports.

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