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Manifold Mounted Miniature Pressure RegulatorItem # 50805-00-10-00

The manifold mounted regulator provides regulation of air pressures from 0 to 145 PSI. The miniature regulator is available in both relieving and non-relieving versions in a nickel-plated brass housing. The unit is provided with a third port for connection of a pressure gauge.

A large brass knob provides for adjustment throughout the regulator's range. A setting lock nut is included to prevent tampering after adjustment. Two adjustment ranges are available as standard, for close regulation in most applications. Special designs are available.
Item #50805-00-10-00
Secondary Pressure Regulation Range0 - 15 psi (1 Bar)
Operating Pressure Range0 to 145 psi
Regulator Range0 to 115 psi
PortingManifold Mounted
Flow RateDependent on regulator model.
MediaFiltered Air
TypesRelieving Single stage, diaphragm/spring construction
Response TimeDependent on secondary volume. Response average: 45ms at 20% loss of secondary air pressure; 100ms at 50% loss of secondary air pressure.
AdjustmentKnob Adj. Equipped with locking nut to prevent tampering after setting is made
MaterialsBuna N Seals
Brass Housing (Nickel Plated)
Stainless Interior Parts
Brass Interior Parts
Operating Ambient0 to +60 C
32 to 140 F
Height2 5/16 in.
Width1 3/16 in²
Weight9 1/2 oz.
Drilling PlanRegulator Bottom View
(Dimensions in millimeters)
Relieving type regulators allow excessive pressure on the secondary side of the regulator to bleed off to the atmosphere, helping maintain steady pressure. Non-relieving types are used where pressure build up is not a concern as in air motors, or air gun applications etc.
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