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Miniature Pressure RegulatorItem # 50780-00-80-10

The miniature Series 50 regulator provides regulation of air pressures from 0 to 115 PSI. The regulator is available in both relieving and non-relieving versions. Housing is nickel-plated brass.

The regulator is supplied with a panel nut for mounting in a 1 inch diameter hole. A large brass knob provides for adjustment throughout the regulator's range. A setting lock nut is included to prevent tampering after adjustment. The regulator has a third port for connection of a pressure gauge. Primary and secondary ports are 180° apart on the side of the regulator body.

Several adjustment ranges are available for close regulation in most applications. Special designs are available.
Item #50780-00-80-10
DiagramsNon- Relieving
Secondary Pressure Regulation Range0 - 115 psi (8 Bar)
Port TypeMetric G 1/8 ports
Operating Pressure Range0 to 145 psi
Regulator Range0 to 115 psi
Porting1/8 G
Flow RateDependent on regulator model.
MediaFiltered Air
TypesNon-Relieving. Single stage, diaphragm/spring construction
Response TimeDependent on secondary volume. Response average: 45ms at 20% loss of secondary air pressure; 100ms at 50% loss of secondary air pressure.
AdjustmentKnob Adj. Equipped with locking nut to prevent tampering after setting is made
MaterialsBuna N Seals
Brass Housing (Nickel Plated)
Stainless Interior Parts
Brass Interior Parts
Operating Ambient0 to +60 C
32 to 140 F
Height2 5/16 in.
Width1 3/16 in²
Weight9 1/2 oz.
Drilling PlanEquipped with mounting nut.
Behind panel depth - 1 1/8".
Mounts in 1" dia. hole.
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